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Breed Schemes


All breeding animals to have the following tests carried out before breeding:



Hip & Elbow X-rays & Scoring


- Hip x-ray & score (no higher than 5:5)


- Elbow x-ray & score (no higher than 1:1)




DNA Testing


- Von Willebrands (must be clear)


- MDR1 testing (carriers not to be bred with. Carriers must be bred to clear)


- DM (affected dogs not to be bred with. Carriers must be bred to clear)


- Coat colour & length (long coat gene, E and D locus colour screen)


Club discount for DNA testing $105. Click here for form example.





Character Assessment


Character Assessment with qualified person/s National Dog Trainers Federation.

Please contact the club for temperament test dates or to arrange a date to have

your dog tested.



Note:  Registered breeders are to report all health issues they have produced in their litters, such as UAP, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, megaesophagus, testicles which have not come down, missing teeth, incorrect bites/dentition, or any other hereditary disease. This is for the goal of breed improvement. We can only improve the breed if we are aware what the dogs are carrying.



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